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Some Use of Collagen in the Body

Fine lines and wrinkles on the face can appear as you age. Although this is a natural part of the aging process, it cannot be denied that wrinkles can be very disturbing. But calm, it will always be better to prevent than cure. See here for some tips that you can do from now on to prevent wrinkles on the face.

Collagen is believed to maintain skin elasticity so as to make a person look youthful. Collagen itself cannot only maintain healthy skin, but also serves as a nutrient to improve body performance, such as muscles, tendons, and even teeth. The body can actually produce collagen.

However, with age, the body will produce less collagen, especially when entering the age of 30. That’s why, you need the intake of collagen from the outside, like food and maybe supplements. “There are various types of collagen.

Some come from animal bones and skin, and others from animal cartilage,” said Dr. Mark Moyad, director of prevention and alternative medicine at the University of Michigan, and author of The Supplement Handbook. “It makes sense to consume collagen sourced from animals can help the body fill collagen needs.

And some research supports this idea. “Moyad explained, there are many experiments that show the potential benefits of collagen intake for everything from osteoarthritis to skin repair.

One 2008 study from Penn State University found that athletes who for six months took hydrolyzed collagen supplements (ie collagen proteins that have been broken down into digestible amino acids) experience less joint pain during activity and at rest.

Similar studies have linked collagen supplements to decreased levels of back pain or knee pain in people with osteoarthritis. But Moyad stressed that all of this research was preliminary. “Research is arguably weak in general, which means only using a small scope, short duration, or not replicated by a larger follow-up experiment.”

As researchers have shown to nutrition many times in a fat diet, just because supplements contain a nutrient, it does not mean that your body will fully absorb the nutrients. All depends on your lifestyle too.

Moyad said that gelatin derived from animal collagen (such as bone broth) can be just as good or maybe better for joints and the skin is like the most expensive supplement. So, if you want to restore collagen, Moyad recommends consuming natural collagen from food and reducing lifestyle choices that damage collagen when you age.

This includes smoking, high blood sugar levels, sun exposure, and weight gain. “If you take collagen supplements expensive but don’t make lifestyle changes, it’s like putting the best type of gasoline into your car but not changing engine oil or doing anything else to maintain engine performance,” he said. “Nutritious food and a good lifestyle are the main keys to appear youthful, while supplements are only supporters.”